Perfume talk: Marc Jacobs Decadence

 Storie mie blouse/ Tally Weijl headpiece/ Marc Jacobs - Decadence (perfume)*

People who read this blog for a while might remember my perfume series I started back in 2014, however, I totally forgot about that section after a while and have now set a proper plan whereas I'll publish an article/per month about a special scent which I'll put in the "perfume talk" section. 

Not even fashionistas know the name, no, the brand of the fragrance we're talking about today is also known when it comes to beauty or perfumes: Marc Jacobs. Basically everybody has heard of the former scents such as Dot, Daisy or Lola, each one featuring a special flacon. Well, the brand has been evolving ever since and the Decadence perfume which will be out in stores from today (5th October 2015) is nothing like the previous.
Marc Jacob's fragrances have been taking over a new dimension with this new design inspired by a bag from a former Marc Jabocs collection. This for sure is an eyecatching flacon and no matter how many other perfumes are besides it, one will always reach for this little gold-green bag featuring the phyton-alike seal, feeling the luxurious breeze right after touching it.
But coming to the most important thing about a perfume: the smell. Made out of Bulgarian roses, papyrus wood, safran or Italian plum (just to name a few) "Decadence" turns out to be a sensual, woodsy yet powerful and heavy scent everyone should get their fingers on.
Personally I recommend wearing this perfume for a glamourus night out - it will for sure last the whole night!

Brown as coffee

 Vintage coat, bag/ Adidas mid Stan Smith's, top/ H&M belt

While you're reading these lines I've already got half through my Budapest trip - which has hopefully been amazing so far (and full of Instagram pictures, yep). Pretty excited for what's to come the next few days in Bosnia and Berlin, though..

This is an outfit I have worn for running errands through town. I got the coat at one of my fav vintage shops some weeks ago for such a low price and I love it, the length and colour, it's quite perfect. The shoes (Stan Smith mid) and top (Berlin Starter Pack) are from Adidas - classy yet chic. I'm leaving you with these few lines today, hope you like this look as much as I do!

Olympic year 1972

Adidas sweater*/ Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt/ C&A pants/ Urbanpeople Nike sneakers*/ H&M backpack/ VIU glasses

Wuuhp peeps! Tonight's the night: I'm leaving with my class for a whole week of fun in Budapest, Hungary and I'm f*cking excited, really! Still cannot realise this is actually happening, it makes me think a lot about this last year in high school (which approached really fast) and some of the friend's/fun moments I made throught the 6 years during which we shared a classroom together..
As I don't know what kind of internet access I'll get during the week, I'll recommend you following me on Instagram, as I'll be updating over there regulary (probs too much) during my Budapest trip!

This adidas collection is called "the Berlin pack" and the sweater you see on the pictures actually features the Roman numbers for the year "1972" during which the Olympic games took place in Berlin. And as I'm leaving for that city in less than two weeks, it's definitely something I'll pack for the getaway - not to mention it's black/white and oversized which makes it the highest perfection possible in terms of sweaters.
Another piece I'd like to highlight in this post are my Nike Roshes I got from Urbanpeople half a year ago.. And yup, I haven't talked about them too much over here as those are my "shoes for every occasion" depending on how you style it. But you'll probably see me running errands in those or going to school because the're too comfy to be true. Me likey!

Bad karma

Newdress skirt*/ H&M top/ Claire's headpiece/ Zara heels

I've been struggling with finding time to create any sort of content, yet I have been preparing some pictures and posts for the coming weeks as I'll be leaving this Friday with my class for a whole week! We had been planning everything for going to Budapest, however, we might be forced to cancel that one because of the "refugees/train problem" in Austria. We'll probably go somewhere else instead and it's going to be a tough time planning a city trip for so many people last minute (Amsterdam, Valencia or Prague)! Oh and the other weeks I'll be leaving to Bosnia and Berlin so I have to plan posts for that week too :) A lot of work to do, I'm telling ya!

Today it's all about a glamourus outfit, with a simple black/white/red combination which I'd probably wear for a night out. Danger: People might look at you strangely because of the headpiece. But if you love headpieces as much as me and you're not bothered if people are starring at you - wear them whenever you can. That's the only advice I can give - wear them as much as possible and shine with the feeling of being an "Indian princess" (yes, I do really feel like that when wearing a headpiece). Personally I believe that great outfits are simple, yet they have that bit of extra which makes them unique. And everybody should have their own recipe for pimping up an outfit - mine is usually a hat or headpiece.
Oh and what do you think about this stunning red asymmetric skirt I got from Newdress? Isn't simple yet eyecatcher-worthy? I'd love to hear your thoughts on that! 

Places to go: Swarovski Kristallwelten (Austria)

I've been wanting to publish this post since ages, however, I absolutely forgot about the pictures only to find them a few months later on my hard drive. Thank god I did!

This is bascially a "my secret spots" kind of post as I have spent a beautiful day at the Kristallwelten Swarovski near Innsbruck (Austria) a few months ago, a place which I want to share with you guys. It's basically a museum about different Swarovski pieces and their development through the years - a visit is highly adviced because it is really worth it. The whole arrangement of the place itself as well as the museum is so astonishing it basically takes your breath away within seconds after entering the area. First of all, the entrance is so beautiful - I mean who else than Swarovski would put the entrance right below a fontaine which looks like a man made out of grass? But this isn't the only eyecatcher as there is so much to see: The crystall hall or the hall with all the pieces which were shown in different movies during the years. Oh and not to forget the oh-so delicious restaurant! I literally ate the best shrimps noodles ever over there.

The whole area takes you into another world and you get so carried away you absolutely forget where you are. It's really, really beautiful but I'll let the pictures talk now and I hope one or another will consider going there when in neighbourhood!

All grey everything

Newdress top*/ BOY skirt / Adidas sneakers Los Angeles*/ H&M backpack

 Life's been hectic lately. Things are rushing by so fast and I already see myself in Budapest and Berlin in less than a month which is kinda crazy if you think about it. If anybody has some recommendations, I'd be very glad if you could send me a message! It's a time where I feel like everybody needs to make some decitions for the future in order to make a change. And I've come to a point where I' not sure what exactly I want.
Whatever, I have a few interesting projects coming up, one of it being this weekend! It's all very exciting and a new challenge. I'm looking forward to meeting the whole team plus the other bloggers later this week in Zug, but more on that soon (hint: it's about storie mie) ;)

 Okay, so I guess grey has been kind of my colour lately.. Another all-grey-everything (has this become a thing?) look, girly yet sporty at the same time.
This top from Newdress might be a bit short for my figure, but paired with a skirt it's okay. Also, I wanted to show you these amazing Adidas sneakers I got a few weeks ago - aren't they lovely?