Turning 17: The birthday girl

Bloody hell, time for sure does fly! I'm SO behind on posting, commenting, answering those emails.. damn, so much work but such a lack of time. Gosh.

So, school started yesterday and the fact that 6 weeks (for which I basically live the entire year) of fun, going out, parties, drinking, summer, free time, endless nights and friends are over is really, really killing me. I can't believe I'm back on track and I'm already counting down the days when I'll be able to call out "holidays" again.

The actual subject I wanted to talk about in this post was my birthday.. well, I guess that thought got lost in my messy mind. Yes, today I'm turning 17 and I'm not even happy about it. I wish I could stay 16 forever or just skip the 17 and be 18 already. However, this makes me coming closer to 18 so I guess it's a good thing after all?

I promise guys, I will get back to posting regularly as soon as everything's back to normal again - I got many pictures to share with you! But right now, all I can think of is my birthday cake. Give me food and I'll be happy.

Finally some color - pink!

H&M top, necklace, Iphone case/ New Yorker cap/ Doodah backpack/ Vintage shorts

It truly is a mystery to me how people manage to publish a post every single day. I might have about 5 outfits which still need to be shared but guess what? It seems that not even that can make me a better blogger, especially not during summer time. Maybe it's because I basically switched night and day - going to bed before 5 am has been impossible these past days - and I admit that blogging hasn't been very present in my thoughts lately. With all that partying and the most amazing people around me it seems so wrong to be spending my time in front of a computer.

However, let's move on to the pictures: These were actually shot in Locarno, too. We heard about the great view one can have when going up to Madonna Del Sasso which is a church located on a hill. The walk was totally worth it - as you guys can see here on my insta.
And guys, if anybody wants to get noticed or stared at, just wear a cap or a hat. Trust me, this will work.



 Lately, I've been getting quite some comments asking if and how I have lost weight. Well yes, I did, but I wasn't actually planning on loosing weight but toning up and building muscels. All I can say is: If you can dream it, you can do it. This people, is so so true. You can achieve anything if you really want it.
 I received a big parcel from coolbrandz the other day which was filled with corn flakes of all possible flavors. Everybody who knows me personally can probably imagine how happy I was because I've been crazy about corn flakes ever since I can remember.

The castle

H&M hat, pants/ Doodah backpack/ Converse/ Front Row Shop shirt*

This outfit was shot right after our arrival in Locarno while we were waiting to check in. Me and my mum were actually only planning on strolling around a little bit and discovering the city when 100 meters after our hotel this beautiful place showed up. It's an old castle built back in the 12th century called Castello Visconteo. Too bad I had on the pretty casual outfit which I wore for travelling because imagine pictures shot in a long colorful dress at this location - pure magic. Hope you like these simple shots anyway! 

Locarno: the lake

Front Row Shop dress*/ Dosenbach shoes/ Casio watch/ Vintage clutch   #teenvogue

Happy Friday everyone! As some of you might know I'm already off to a new destination where I'll be staying for a week: Petrovac, Montenegro. I've been quite some times in Montenegro, but I'm always longing to see new places so I'm very excited!

But first.. no, I won't take a selfie, but show you the pictures I shot while our stay in Locarno last weekend! As I already wrote in my previous post: Through mydays.ch I was able to live an experience to which I couldn't say no. We were staying at the Hotel dell' Angelo which was located in the very heart of Locarno, near the Piazza Grande. The hotel was okay, not too bad but also not too good, however, we were staying only for one night so the room which we didn't like wasn't much of a problem. The staff was very friendly and the breakfast buffet was pretty amazing, so much about that! We even got wine, too bad I don't like it..

After our arrival on mid-Sunday, we headed straight to the center to discover the city. After strolling through some streets and shops we decided to go to the lake in order to shoot some pictures. I quite love them because lately, I've not been shooting in the nature as much as I'd like to - and this pretty much is a great location for that little bit of extra (I mean look at that view.. breathtaking). I admit this might've been an outfit which was a little too much, because people honestly stopped so they could stare at me. Which was weird. But I survived somehow
Lots of pictures are waiting to be published so get ready for some serious spamming in the next few days! Have a lovely weekend and talk to you soon!

Casual but elegant

Takko blazer*/ Front Row Shop necklace*/ Salsa jeans*/ Converse/ Vintage top, bag   #teenvogue

Today I'm publishing this post from a very unusual location - I'm in Locarno for a short trip. In fact I have never been to south Switzerland before, but when I found this offer on Mydays.ch I knew that it was perfect. Short but sweet as they say. Me and my mum have been discovering the city yesterday which of course includes the lake, Piazza Grande, Madonna del Sasso and Castello Visconteo. Still cannot believe there is such a place in Switzerland because I almost feel like I'm at the sea, there are even palm trees! I love it so much, so get prepared for many posts and get a glimpse of it on my Instagram!

Back to the outfit: You all know my style and it has never been including blazer and those "business-woman" kind of style. However, I received this beautiful blazer from Takko the other day and I fell in love. And I have also never liked peplum on myself, nor have I liked pearl necklaces - seems as if I've been falling for pieces I would've never worn half a year ago. Turns out this outfit is probably the most elegant look I have ever shown on the blog. But I guess a little change is always good, huh?