Fashionhotel 2015 VIP-Event Zurich

Today I'm talking about attending the Fashionhotel VIP-event in Zurich last Friday.
 The whole event is basically about the 25 hours hotel turning into an exhibiton where you can find different exhibitors from the fashion industry such as Swiss designers or photographers, each in a separate room. You're going from room to room and discovering what the brand has to offer, socialize and eventually buy a piece or two. Personally, I got an amazing crystal necklace from a brand called Tenebris which is really great. Since we were there on Friday, there was also a fashion show during which different pieces from various brands were presented. Also, there were bars and rooms where DJ's played some music. The whole event was perfectly organized (food and drinks.. ah, don't get me talking about this) and there was such a relaxed atmosphere.
 As I was there with my two best friends - Larissa and my blogger-buddy Oliver - we had the best time really and we're all looking forward to the next edition! Thanks for having us!
 I'm wearing: H&M skirt, earrings, backpack/ Takko cardigan*, top*/ Moschino belt/ Dosenbach creepers

Life update

As I have probably mentioned a few hundred times until now - the lack of time has made me a very bad blogger lately, however, that's hopefully going to change in very near future. I've been thinking about showing more of my life over here because let's be honest, life's not mainly about fashion. But it's always about the beautiful things in life which I personally am trying to snap in my pictures, although the most precious moments cannot be shown in a hundred photos I guess. The truth is that I'm way too lazy to take my DSLR with me - it's way too heavy to carry around a whole day - that's why it's been much easier to post some pictures snapped with my phone, especially because the quality isn't even that bad.

If you've been reading my blog for the last few months/ years you might be aware that I've been going to Bosnia quite often, so that's what I've been doing the last 3 weeks: enjoying time in my homecountry. And that's exactly where these pictures have been taken. The nature's breathtaking, isn't it?

Pineapple, marble Iphone case & photos

Things have been quite hectict lately - but honestly, is there any period when they aren't? There's just always some work popping up which needs to be done. Currently I'm occupied by thinking what I'm gonna write for my final paper, I know the subject as it's going to be about the Bosnian War (1992-1995), however, I still need to figure out some sort of question. So this vacation in Bosnia comes right in handy, really.
I haven't had much time to snap any outfit pictures, which wouldn't be really outbreaking anyway to be honest as most of time I'm wearing black only.

The thing I wanted to talk about today was this beautiful Iphone marble case I got to design myself on Ifolor. The shipping was really fast as it took me like 4 days to get it, the designing process is quite easy as all you have to do is insert a picture and crop it.
Lately the question why people don't print pictures anymore has occured me and I swore I wouldn't become part of the generation where we, as grandparents, have nothing to show our grandchildren. No, that's not gonna be me, for sure. Therefore I have decided to print some pictures too and the quality has been simply amazing if you keep in mind that the pictures have been taken mostly by my Iphone (4 or 6).
In case you're looking for a service where the quality is terrific, the shipping fast and the price reasonable, I believe Ifolor (click for discount) is one of the best options to choose from. I'll be ordering there again, for sure!

Full of stones

Okay, so this was my cheat-day I had during the "black March" challenge with Oliver (whom I can call one of my "photographers" now - great job he did, right?) - some new pieces from Adidas had arrived and I simply had to show you guys. Personally, I believe 2015 will be the "sports" year and 2014 was just the beginning. There's no blogger who hasn't got a pair of Stan Smiths or Superstars in their closet - classic pieces which are fashionable even after years and tend to make a comeback, thus are easy to combine.
My black month challenge was quite hard, not because I wanted to wear colours (which I.. never do) but more because I wanted to wear white and grey. Nevertheless, it's coming to and end as this is the last week. Oh and sorry for the long absence, but things have been so hectic that the blog simply had to be neglected. Some more days until holidays, yeey.

All black

 Takko biker jacket*/ H&M top/ C&A pants/ Daniel Welllington watch*/ Doc Martens

 Okay, so this is probably the first and only post I have ever published in which all the pictures are black and white. However, as the outfit was an all black look, I thought it'd perhaps look quite good as colour doesn't really have much of a significance in this case.
We shot these pictures right before school, so know you have an idea of how I usually look when I go to school. The glasses are my necessary companion, however I don't like to take pictures with them and that's why I never do. 
Me and Oliver have also started a small challenge which is called "The black month March" during which we're only allowed to wear black; this isn't much of a problem for us as we love black and we usually go like that to school. We'll see how it goes.

Looking for black

 Takko top*, skirt*, cardigan*/ Jeffrey Campbell cutout boots/ H&M hat, rings, necklace/ Vintage coat, clutch

I'm back into my black/white/grey mood when it comes to clothing and I thought a more special outfit would be very appropriate to share with you guys because lately I feel like most of the posts have consisted only of my Docs and a pair of black pants, casual but not very interesting. This might be my favourite look since a few months, I believe it shows of my style perfectly probably because it's black & white and includes my hat. 
Somehow I cannot wait for this stressful time to pass - if that's even possible - because during times like these I'm not inspired nor do I really care how I look. Anybody feels me? On the other hand, I have a few very special post-ideas in mind.. we'll see.
 Maybe some of you remember the collaboration with Takko I did last year - it's always a pleasure to work with their team from time to time as the quality of the clothing is great and so is the design. We all agree upon that, right? Always been a fan and probably always will be.