Photo diary from Petrovac, Montenegro

This is the last post I have to share from my vacations which I spent in Petrovac na Moru, Montenegro. When I look back at these photos I realise how many things have changed in this short period of time.. because these were taken about 2 months ago? Crazy. I wish I could escape from here a little bit more often. Because the sea and warm climate, that's where I belong to. Well, I wouldn't even mind going up the north, but we're definitely going to make that happen next year, next year when I'm finally turning 18..

You see, I'm glad that I can call out vacations again in 2 weeks!!
Oh and btw, these people you see below are my sister and my little niece.

Casual outfit for strolling thorugh the city

Nearly everything I wore was bought at vintage/ secondhand shops at some point.

First of all, I'm really sorry the quality from these pictures turned out so bad - we tried our best, though! Today's outfit is nothing special really, just a casual outfit I wore for some walking through Petrovac. Actually, I walked around like that the whole summer because honestly, what is better than a crop top and high waisted shorts?
When I look at these pictures I remember some quite funny stories I'd have to tell.. crazy night(s). Petrovac might not be a city for clubbing, it's full of Russian people (whom you can't talk to because.. well, I don't speak Russian), but the view we had from our balcony, the crystal clear water and streets which were amazing for a morning run and not to forget the calm atmosphere.. that all made it so, so beautiful. A photo diary is yet to come!

Vacations in Montegro + outfit

H&M shorts/ Dosenbach sandals/ Vintage t-shirt, overall dress

Here it is, finally: The first post from my one-week-vacation which I spent in Petrovac (na moru), Montenegro. You must know, I used to go to Igalo/ Herceg Novi every year when I was little, so I was really glad we ended up booking our apartment in another city because I got to see so many things and cities - talking about Budva or Sveti Stefan (both so beautiful). We definitely had a great time.
But before I start telling you about the city itself and it's surroundings, I'll let you soak in the pictures as it's known that they say more than a thousand words!

Backless total black look

Rosewe dress*/ Mart of China heels*/ Vintage leather jacket  #teenvogue

" I don't know a perfect person. I only know flawed people who are still worth loving." - John Green
To start it all with a quote might not be the usual way, however, I felt that today was the right day to spread some love. Who doesn't love quotes, by the way?!

I decided to upload this look before the ones that were shot in Montenegro as I wasn't showing something "elegant" since ages, or at least that's how it seems to me. Time for sure does fly.
So, everybody over here knows how much I actually love black so it was natural that I'd go for a total black look once again. And don't get me started about this amazing backless dress I got from Rosewe - it's simply breathtaking, maybe a bit too short though. To make it all a bit more interesting I decided to pair it with my 8$ leather jacket which is not really the ladylike piece one would've expected - however, I believe it works excellent.

Outfit + Photo diary Locarno

H&M top/ C&A skirt/ Dosenbach sandals/ Doodah backpack

Here we go with the last post with pictures which were taken back more than 7 weeks ago.. As I already mentioned in my previous posts, my mum and me were visiting the south of Switzerland which happened to be totally different than from what I know of our little country. I tell ya, I felt like I was in Italy and not in Switzerland - all the people talking Italian, the architecture, the food, the lifestyle, the temperature.. It's crazy!
Well, no more words needed as pictures tell more than a thousand or something like that..

Turning 17: The birthday girl

Bloody hell, time for sure does fly! I'm SO behind on posting, commenting, answering those emails.. damn, so much work but such a lack of time. Gosh.

So, school started yesterday and the fact that 6 weeks (for which I basically live the entire year) of fun, going out, parties, drinking, summer, free time, endless nights and friends are over is really, really killing me. I can't believe I'm back on track and I'm already counting down the days when I'll be able to call out "holidays" again.

The actual subject I wanted to talk about in this post was my birthday.. well, I guess that thought got lost in my messy mind. Yes, today I'm turning 17 and I'm not even happy about it. I wish I could stay 16 forever or just skip the 17 and be 18 already. However, this makes me coming closer to 18 so I guess it's a good thing after all?

I promise guys, I will get back to posting regularly as soon as everything's back to normal again - I got many pictures to share with you! But right now, all I can think of is my birthday cake. Give me food and I'll be happy.