Toblerone: Swiss Cantons - Appenzell (+ chocolate giveaway!)

Switzerland is a federal republic, consisting of 26 part-sovereign cantons. Every canton stands for something and every single one is unique in it's own way. That's why Toblerone has been releasing a special packaging featuring every canton's blazon.
Appenzell (talking about Innerhoden here, the part where I live) for instance is quite known for the cheese, the beer, the special traditions and culture they always try to integrate, nature, mountains & hiking, colourful houses (which sometimes look like art), traditional clothes, Landsgmeinde (direct Democracy), cows and other animals, special accent, different food, ... Because of such a big variety, it is why I have decided to wander around, taking some pictures in the most beautiful and most known locations in Switzerland's second smallest canton.
These pictures were shot on a beautiful day at the Sealpsee which is a small lake in between the mountain range of the Alpstein - and the summit you can see is called the Säntis, the highest mountain in this area (2502m). The chocolate stands for indulgence and how important it is to spend time with your loved ones - and yes - chocolate does reunite people.
These colourful houses you see are in the main street of the town called Appenzell - the Hauptgasse. There are many local and tourist shops and cafès and it's most definitely a must see when coming here!
Another place I like to go: The old Mettlenbrücke. It's very calm over there,  stands for tradition and listening to the river is kinda like a therapy.

The ad is probably something Swiss people will first think of when hearing Appenzell - it's a well known advertising within the whole country. Three men in traditional clothes, talking about their cheese (which really is the best!). And last but not least: The view over the little town.

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*This post was produced in collaboration with Toblerone.

Under construction

C&A t-shirt/ H&M skirt/ Nike Air Force 1 high

Lately I've been a lot into these long t-shirts worn as a dress (or with shorts or a skirt underneath, just to make sure) and I've been way too happy when finally finding this one at the men's section, yup. It occures me that the are no cool t-shirts for women? I basically searched every shop possible, only to find 20 pieces at the men's section. And yes, that's where I shop from now on. Definitely, really.
I love the sporty yet grungy vibe. Plus it's black. And easy to pull off. Anything better? I don't think so.

This scaffolding was exactly what I needed for the post, old and filthy as it looks. Thank god you cannot see the whole house, it's more of a circus than a house.. Coulourful as f. And we all know I'm not a fan of colours, especially not of red, yellow and grey thrown together, no, no.
Someone give me back my green house and the most perfect background ever? That'd be nice. Thank you.

What a vibe

Caps have been a thing lately. And my Nike Air Forces 1, they too. Talking about "back to the 90's" - which people in my town obviously don't appreciate because staring at me as if I was an alien -or a 90's horror movie star- says it all. Probably I'm the only one thinking that life's been sort of better back then.

Summer's approaching slowely but surely - all I'm left with at the moment is a zebra-tan because hiking really wasn't made for me, nor do I own appropriate clothes for that occasion.
A week of Croatia (Makarska) is booked already to hang out with friends, 2 weeks of working  and the rest will be spent with friends in the clubs in Bosnia. That I know, for sure.
Let the summer begin.

Boxes everywhere

Vero Moda top/ C&A pants/ Vintage trenchcoat/ H&M earrings, necklace/ Dosenbach heels

I always loved shooting at abandoned industrial places and the're still my favourite ever. So many different locations, definitely need to get back there asap. This "elegant/ serious" outfit (gosh, what am I calling elegant, oh dear..) therefore goes perfectly with this contrast, the old and messy boxes which look pretty rad, right?
My favourite piece this time is definitely the vintage trenchcoat I borrowed from my friend Oliver. This might sound crazy as he's a guy obviously.. but it works, trust me. Nothing better than his grey trenchcoat, really. On the other side I also like these big and chunky earrings which catch your eye right away. Also the marble top which is worth mentioning as it adds a bit of structure through the print.

Black wind

Walktrendy kimono*/ Even&Odd top/ C&A pants/ H&M belt, headpiece/ Jeffrey Campbell cutout boots

Bang - I'm baack (yes, for the 23850 time this year and I assume I'll be gone way too soon again.. not having a photographer sucks, yep). I really don't know how people manage to blog every week, not talking about those who post every day. I'd seriously love to know their secrets about regularity, huh?!

For this special occasion (which is not special at all but let's pretend it is) I thought I'd publish something extraordinary when it comes to outfits. And the result: I personally believe this is some of the most perfect outfits I've ever combined, seriously. But what would this outfit be without this amazing boho cardigan I got from Walktrendy the other day? Unfortunately I'm not going to any festivals this year, otherwise I would've so worn this. Wearing it makes you feel free, kinda. Additionally, brickwalls make you feel kinda free, too.

And yes, I dyied my hair black because black, well, it's black and black will always and for ever be the best "colour" possible one can choose. I love it - not planning on going back to brown ever again. What do you think, yay or nay?

Fashionhotel 2015 VIP-Event Zurich

Today I'm talking about attending the Fashionhotel VIP-event in Zurich last Friday.
 The whole event is basically about the 25 hours hotel turning into an exhibiton where you can find different exhibitors from the fashion industry such as Swiss designers or photographers, each in a separate room. You're going from room to room and discovering what the brand has to offer, socialize and eventually buy a piece or two. Personally, I got an amazing crystal necklace from a brand called Tenebris which is really great. Since we were there on Friday, there was also a fashion show during which different pieces from various brands were presented. Also, there were bars and rooms where DJ's played some music. The whole event was perfectly organized (food and drinks.. ah, don't get me talking about this) and there was such a relaxed atmosphere.
 As I was there with my two best friends - Larissa and my blogger-buddy Oliver - we had the best time really and we're all looking forward to the next edition! Thanks for having us!
 I'm wearing: H&M skirt, earrings, backpack/ Takko cardigan*, top*/ Moschino belt/ Dosenbach creepers