18th birthday

Turning 18 and my thoughts on that manner:
It's no news Kylie Jenner celebrated her 18th birthday last week, a Ferrari as a present from her bf, multiple outfit changes and the biggest party ever thrown. Sounds glamourus, doesn't it?
Well but guess what? Who'd change his life with that one from Kylie? I certainly wouldn't. It's not that I'd not like to live in a villa, travelling the world or shooting for the world's most-known magazines. No, absolutely, we'd all love that. But being in press every day? With paparazzis around you, anywhere you go? With the pressure to do underage plastic surgery? Nope, thanks. I'd rather stay in my small Swiss town with 8k residents, celebrating my 18th birthday in my lovely backyard with 20 people, grilled food and a bit of beer.

One post from Humans of New York can make my day. Seriously, this facebook page is the best thing I have found in years, I've been following them for over half a year now and I'm still astonished. And for me, that's the life I'd like to have - inspiring other people or helping those in poverty.
I might feel as if I was meant to start a new way of living at the moment, a new me if I might call it like that, now that this big number 18 is here? Because 18, that's where the "adult life" is supposed to start and all the problems come rushing into your life. Remembering when I was 10 and somebody told me they were 19 and I was just like: 'Oh my, that's an adult already.'
But then again, that's not how I feel right now. And I hopefully won't so soon.

The thing I'm looking forward the most is probably (& hopefully) my driver's licence, the graduation trip to Budapest, travelling to Berlin, my graduation in June.. Okay, this big number might have some small big advantages. But I'll still stay the person I am, with some slight changes when it comes to music or fashion taste, friends, moral and politics. The world in general.

Oh and look at this "weekend face" (we're not talking about the similarity with the monkey here please.. chrm) but isn't it cute? Full of hapiness and positivity? Well, that's what I wish for the coming weekend & year(s). Contentedness and appreciation. Because life's been good, we're young and nobody can take those nerve wracking teenage-years from us.

Note to myself: Appreciate & enjoy.

Blue and white elephants

Rosegal twinset (top and shorts)*/ Zara heels/ Takko cardigan*

School's starting today and it's my 18. birthday this week so we're preparing and planning everything and it's been very busy! I actually don't like birthdays (mine especially) as it's no big deal but this is the year I'm finally allowed to get my driver's licence and it's been the only thing I've been really looking forward since like 83021 years haha. Unfortunately I've been sick basically the whole last week but I've been feeling better ever since me and my friend planned our Berlin trip in October (perks of being 18, definitely)!
Has anybody been there yet or has any recommendations about sightseeing, bars etc? Shoot me a comment or mail (tanja@neverdreamedaboutthis.com) - I'd love to hear what the city has to offer!

This is another "elegant" outfit, but we all know that my version of elegant is quite different from what other people call that way.
The twinset is from Rosegal and I find it a very eyecatching and cute piece when worn together, it's definitely something for the beach and summer parties! There are even elephants on it! As it got colder in Switzerland I had to pair it with my beloved white cardigan and a pair of heels (hey ladies, longer legs and so). Oh and look at those earrings which I got for like 4$ in Bosnia? Aren't they lovely? Whatever, hope you like this look!

And another question: What to wear for the celebration of my 18th birthday? Any ideas (all black it has to be)?

Grey jungle

Cecil Cape Cardigan/ Twintip top via Zalando/ New Yorker skirt/ New Look heels via Zalando/ H&M earrings/ Vintage bag

As it seems, I'm not able to publish more than one post per week - so now we all know my schedule, Monday morning every week, there you are. Really trying to keep this space alive without having to stress about it.
Whatever, holidays are slowly but surely coming to an end, I'm back in Switzerland and it's only one week until school starts - senior year, to be precise. Man, time's running. And it's running fast.
I've just received my results from my Cambridge Advanced (CAE) exams and I passed, yey! 

I've been coming up with some more colourful ideas when it comes to outfits since I've been in my homecountry Bosnia. But then again, maybe that's summer vibe only? Anyways, I thought the combination between different patterns, colours and materials to be a good one. Think outside the box.
Pretty much everything I'm wearing was on sale at some point, I got the fringe cardigan on Cecil which is a very well known shop within Switzerland. I think I have a thing for them (the cardigan and the quality and the shop). The pinkish heels are from Zalando where I got them for about 20$ and the're freaking comfortable! I've worn them to batisms, weddings, for clubbing, whatever, they have never hurt and I'm so glad I got them (imagine the *crying emoji* at this point).
Hope you like this "ladylike" and "not-black" outfit as a change. Enjoy your week!

Photo diary from Makarska, Croatia

Sunrise at 5:30

As promised here's the post about the four days my friends and me spent in Makarska, located in south Croatia. The city is kinda divided into two, seperated by a small peninsula: one part containg the old town, the other one the beaches.
Personally, I thought the city itself was much smaller but it's kinda big when you compare it to Petrovac, Igalo or Olympic Beach where I've been the summers before. There are basically people from anywhere to find and it's pretty easy to make friends; everyone is very kind and starts a conversation right away.
So, during the day we spent our time at the beach, tanning and driving pedalos. Oh, and eating. We found a great restaurant called Inn where we ended up eating at least twice a day! At night we (of course) went clubbing - Deep and Petar Pan turned out to be great clubs. Deep for example is a club in a cave, Petar Pan is an open air summer club. Those are the places to be in case you're in the city! Drinks were about 45Kn which is approximately ~ 6€, pretty cheap compared to Swiss standards.

During these few days we definitely created some memories none of us will forget. All in all, this summer's been the best one so far I guess.

I'm sorry this post is made with pictures from my phone only. The truth is, I forget about pictures, outfits, the blog and pretty much everything else when I'm with people who are important to me. So, these holidays were nothing about creating content as such, but more about enjoying the free time. Nevertheless, I decided to publish some pictures anyway - enjoy.
Me & my friends
 View after entering Croatian ground / sea and Split

Black full moon

Nike Air Force 1 Low via Urbanpeople*/ H&M jeans/ Hype cap/ Vintage bag

These pictures were shot while still being in Switzerland, kinda cold weather and all if you compare it with the +40 degrees in Bosnia right now. It's seriously a struggle to handle - I'd have no idea what to do without the air conditioner - and I have huge respect for people dealing with such heat for nearly the whole year (as India, for example).

I just came back from Makarska (Croatia) which has been the best few days one could have with best friends. Food, pictures, non-stop laughing, tanning, meeting people, clubbing and waiting for sunrise afterwards are only a few words to describe it. One could seriously write a book about it. I'm planning a post which is probably going to go online over here next week so stay tuned (picture overload!).

The outfit is just a basic black on black one (we're all used to it), paired with some details to make it look more interesting (long live necklaces). I've also been having a thing for caps this summer - the're great in making the look more edgy. Oh and not to forget my black pair of low Nike Air Force 1 from Urbanpeople which have been oh so essential for the past few weeks. I'm also gonna show you another pair of Nikes I got there - they have such a wide collection that it was real struggle to choose two pairs.
And I guess we ll have a thing for moons. Especially for full moon, next week it is.

10 dresses under 30$ for this summer

1     2     3     4     5
6     7     8     9     10
Dresses - pieces I wore non stop during the past few years (and skirts, these were my cup of tea). Don't get me wrong, I still wear them, but I've become aware of the pros of shorts. However, for clubbing or any special events it's still the dresses which are worn mostly.
This summer's hectic already - plans, oh plans. Work, writing my final paper .. you name it. Additionally, I've gotten into a serious and nearly-problem-causing (online) shopping habit. The vacation in Croatia (Makarska) next week isn't really helping either. Oh, and not to forget my search for the perfect dress for my nephew's baptism, plus a wedding. Many dresses needed. Organisation's needed too.

As I was searching for some dresses for the occasions mentioned above, I thought I could as well make a post about buying summer dresses on budget (under 30$ + sale scores) in the hope of being able to help somebody or simply to inspire.
I was reminded of the site Bonprix and their great sale through some advertisment and my family's shopping habits and I thought why not? And man, I wasn't disappointed. As you see, there's something for everyone; different prints, cuts, lengths, prices. Still stylish and affordable though, even without the discount of the sale-season. Personally, I especially adore the printed ones in the first row, but the maxi dresses are great too. Let summer begin!

PS: I don't own any rights to these product pictures, they were simply screenshoted from bonprix.ch!