Winter wonderland

C&A pants/ H&M top, rings/ Doc Martens/ Vintage watch, coat, blouse

These pictures have definitely been around for way too long, only waiting for me to publish them. They've been shot more than a month ago, however, the snow is still the same and it's still as cold as when we shot them.
This was one of my friends' spontanious ideas, we just walked around our little town and snapped some pictures here and there. Who'd have thought they'd come out so well? And 130 pictures later these nine are the ones which I thought were worth sharing although there are so many more on my hard disc. The two girls you see below are some of my closest friends - I love them and I seriously wouldn't know what to do without them.

Things are back to normal as I came home to Switzerland last week and school started - the time in Bosnia has most definitely been way too short but let's hope that I'll be able to go there again during Easter holidays.

When in town

H&M pants/ Adidas Superstar sneakers*/ Vintage coat, backpack, blouse, scarf    #teenvogue

One has to take a break sometimes, at least that's what I keep repeating in order to feel less guilty abut being away for nearly 3 weeks.. And oh dear, how fast can time fly? Somebody explain, please.
The past few weeks have been a couple of turbulent ones, carnival and a lot of other stuff - which I'll make sure to share with you (costumes and stuff have always been my cup of tea).

I am in Bosnia (yes, again) and we took these pictures yesterday in a car park which used to be full of grafittis (and with that my fav place in the whole town), however they only left a couple ones which made me so sad when I climed up the stairs the other day. I guess things change. The outfit is nothing special really, just thought it'd be nice to share something with you guys. xx

Beanie mode on

FrontRowShop sweater*/ C&A pants/ Daniel Wellington watch*/ Vintage scarf, jacket, Louis Vuitton backpack  #teenvogue

The title says it all - so much snow, god knows where this comes from. Whoever follows me on instagram knows that I'm sick of it already, cannot wait for spring to start and the temperatures to rise.
Somehow colours have become a bit of a thing - at least at the moment, at least on the blog. Black will forever be black though, I'm just trying to make this space a bit more interesting I guess.. Lately I've been much into combining same or similar shades of one colour as you can see in the previous posts.
I'm keeping this short today as I gotta run, have a nice weekend guys!

Striped royal blue

Ahaishopping blouse*/ FrontRowShop skirt*/ Rosegal necklace*/ Snapmade custom bag*/ Dosenbach ankle boots/ Vintage coat  #teenvogue

Well you guys must be as shocked and suprised as I am of myself, trust me when I say that.. Colours! Yes, that's truly what you see - blue, royal blue to be precise. When I combined this look I basically just threw pieces together and look what I came up with, the most colorful outfit I have probably worn since a year or so. How frightening, really. Back to the roots, to the Tanja-style-in-2013 or something like that. Maybe.
The coat I got from a friends' mother who actually wanted to throw it away and I was quite honestly screaming "no, give it to me". Although the shoulder pads are a bit too wide for my silhouette. But I'm gonna fix that, somehow.

Oh and look at my clouds-printed clutch (which is actually a cosmetic bag) I got from Snapmade the other day! Isn't it too cute, a real eyecatcher? It's quite small though, but somehow I manage to fit in all the stuff I need for a night out. And it's great, I'm a lover of printed pieces but I guess you figured that out by yourself by now.

The new generation

Sheinside*/ C&A pants/ H&M rings, ear cuff/ Dosenbach creepers/ Vintage leather jacket, belt  #teenvogue

Not that simple, not that black as usual. One of my favourite sweaters and I'm asking myself why the hell I'm not wearing this more because it's so unique. I must admit I felt quite badass while wearing this look but looking back at it now I'm asking myself why, probably because of the rings, ear cuff, creepers, leather jacket and hairdo. Ups, quite some reasons I guess and I'm not even mentioning the stares I got.
The hairdo is inspired by a good friend, Oliver to be precise who is my blogger-partner-in-crime and helps me survive every day. I'll make sure to feature his blog in a separate post over here because he really deserves it.

This semester is just about to end and there are a few weeks to go until the holdays begin. I'm basically counting down the hours until I get to go to Bosnia again hopefully.

My New Year's eve outfit // All black

Topshop dress/ Doc Martens/ H&M necklace, rings/ Vintage coat   #teenvogue

I already promised I'd show you the outfit I wore for New Year's eve - it's kinda late but better than never, right? I knew I wanted an all black look, preferably a dress and although I'm not the bodycon type of girl I believe I kinda pulled it off pretty good.. I actually wanted to wear heels but the ground was so icy I would've probably broken all my bones, not talking about the -22°C during the night. Never without 'em Docs. They came in pretty handy and made the whole outfit look a lot more edgy. The right decision guys, I'm telling ya, much less pain than in heels. Danced like there was no tomorrow. 2015, I'm ready for the "all-black(est)-n'-edgiest-year-ever".

Snow hit us way too hard yesterday and I seriously cannot remember the last time I froze my a*s of while taking pictures.. Currently I'm planning the vacations for this year and I'm thinking about going to France for 2 weeks during my summer break in order to improve my (bad) French. What do you guys think? In case anybody has any suggestions or advice where to go, please leave a comment below!