Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich

H&M top, rings/ Lara Patrizia Vogt earrings*/ Tally Weijl headpiece/ Takko skirt*/ Vintage coat, bag, bracelets  #teenvogue

Last Saturday the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich were held and I, as a blogger, had the chance to be a part of it. I had the honour to stay for both shows during which 10 Swiss designers were showcasted and meet some amazing people. My personal favourites were the collection of Stefanie Biggel as she always manages to amaze me with her collections, this time the jackets were absolutely stunning - the same goes to Berenik's creations! I also loved Little Black Dress because they had such amazing dresses and skirts. Oh and not to forget Kazu, the two dresses I posted below were so beautiful, pure perfection! I actually planned to be at the MBFDZ on Friday too, however I missed my train.. but I would've loved to see Costume National or Vivetta, too bad I didn't make it in the end!

My outfit probably isn't something people would expect me to wear.. I admit, I got out of my comfort zone but that was the actual plan. Creating something which is totally my style but on the other hand isn't at all. I usually don't go out with big earrings (these amazing ones are from Lara, thanks A LOT my dear!) and headpieces because the people in my town would react..quite crazy to be honest. However, I thought a little *bling bling* was perfect for an occasion like this and the rest of outfit was kept quite unspectacular, I was "the grey girl".

I must say, even if we have an event like this which probably could be theoretically measured with international ones, we still saw the "way of how Swiss people see fashion". There were way too many who made serious and bored faces, sipping their champagne the whole evening, wearing everyday clothes.. whereas we were having fun, making jokes about everything although it was rainy as hell and we all were tired. I believe the whole point of such an evening is about seing people who you haven't seen for far too long!
The crew:   Oliver  -  Sandra  -  Me  -  Xamy  - Anba

Event: Swiss Indoors in Basel with Moet & Chandon

Vintage peplum top, leather jacket/ Rosegal necklace*/ Dosenbach ankle boots/ Mollerus bag/ H&M pants

Today I'm sharing with you an extremely interesting and fun experience I was able to live three weeks ago. On the 25th October I woke up quite early in order to be in Basel on time (a city I've never been to before) because we were invited to the Swiss Indoors! I kept the outfit simple yet elegant and of course all black.

First we were invited to a little brunch in the most gorgeous hotel I've ever seen called "Les Trois Rois" in Basel. Everything was perfect: the food & drinks, atmosphere and interior! Oh and not to forget the little tennis court on the terrace where we played tennis for more than an hour which was SO fun! Before leaving for the match we heard a presentation about the cocktail of the day (including Moet champagne).

After that we went to the St. Jakobshalle were the Swiss Indoors were held originally, spent some time at the Moet & Chandon VIP lounge talking to various people we met during the day. We also got the chance to actually see a tennis match live which was an unforgettable experience! Unfortuntely we had to leave quite early as I had to go to a birthday party afterwords and the drive home was a 4 hours one.

I want to thank all the people who were in charge for making this experience possible and so wonderful, we had a blast! Hope you guys like the pictures we took!

My current hair care routine

Another beauty related post - yay! Today it is (obviously) all about my personal hair care routine and what kind of products I use. I don't use these products every day, a few of them come to use only a few times a week or month. It takes time until you find the products which suit your hair, but when you do, you'll probably stick to them for quite some time! It's all about trying out and seeing what fits you best.
 The shampoo & conditioner - these products are crucial and your hair will thank you if you think about what kind of products you buy, believe me. Since I got the chance to try out these Kiehl's products (they repair damage and rehydrate) I wouldn't like to go back to what I was using a few months before. Without silicon and parabene but including moringa tree oil and hyaluronic the texture makes you hair light, smooth and shiny - and I only have to wash my hair every two or three days!
Advice: When adding conditioner make sure to apply on the ends of your hair only and not to comb the hair while it's wet. Oh, and the last time you rinse out your hair before you're finished, do that with cold water!
 I'm not a girl who has to flat iron her hair because I naturally have straight hair. However, I tend to flat iron or curl my hair whenever I go out on weekends with my Babyliss hair straightener. Also, I rarely blow-dry my hair because it's so damaging but whenever I do either blow-dry or straighten it, heat protection is a must! Mine is from Syoss, however, I heard that the L'Oreal one was way better so I might try that one out the next time I run out of heat protection..
As already said, I don't use all of these products on a daily basis but more on "special days" which is probably one or two times a week. After flat ironing I always use the Schwarzkopf got2b hairspray to make sure everything stays in place the whole night. I also add a bit of wax on the end of my hair as well as the top of my head where the parting is. The whipped mousse is mostly used by my mum - I honestly don't know why one uses this as I don't see any difference in using it or not.
I bought the Balea shampoo at the DM while I was in Bosnia - as I'm currently using the Kiehl's products I cannot tell if this is a good one but I heard it is! On another note, you should change the shampoo you use every few months because your hair gets used to the texture.. at least that's what I read!
I wrote about the Kiehl's shampoo and conditioner above and because I'm a total fan of their products, I thought I'd add the hydro-plumping re-texturizing serum I've been trying out too. This is written to be for anti-aging skin (which I don't have) but I must say that after applying the serum my skin gets smooth and rehydrated immediately, it's quite unbelievable because I have such dry skin!

Shampoo (250ml - 32Fr.)*     Conditioner (200ml - 36Fr.)*     Serum (50ml - 75Fr.)*

The Halloween Bride

Sorry for the bad quality, this picture was obviously taken with my Iphone 4S..which seriously sucks, I know.

First of all: I hope everybody had a spooky halloween! I for my part celebrated my niece's second birthday first and hung around watching Walking Dead the other part of the evening. Halloween isn't much celebrated in Switzerland or at least not in my area.. I hope that one day I'll be able to attend a halloween party somewhere in Zurich or so, I believe the atmosphere is crazy!This year I decided to be the "dead bride", including a sugar skull because let's be honest, I have a thing for skulls (see last year's halloween skull here).  I had this particular idea in mind ever since I bought that dress in a secondhand shop for 10$ which was a real bargain. Actually, there was a whole shooting planned but due to many other duties I wasn't able to put that into practise. 
 I hope you liked this post anyways! Have a great weekend, guys!

Event: Sony Xperia Z3 talk event

 Me, Mia & Aleksandra

The silence this time was not really because I had a lot to do but because I was very busy with attending events and deciding which post has the priority to be published first.. oh dear. Last week has been pretty much crazy because ever since I came back from Bosnia there was no single minute of free time, I'm always on the go and when I'm not I'm coordinating thenext events because this time of the year is always the busiest!

People who follow me on Instagram might already know what I've been up to: Last week I had the honour to attend the Sony Xperia Z3 talk event which was held at the 25 hours hotel in Zurich. The whole event was about the newest Sony Xperia which was launched only a couple of days ago - I won't tell you too much because I believe you should check out that phone by yourself! It comes with so many features, it's waterproof(!!), the design is amazing.. I might be publishing a post including a detailed review about the phone very soon as I'm testing it at the moment!
It's been a fun evening and I very much enjoyed meeting all the new faces, the food, talks and all in all it was a wonderful evening! Thanks once again to everyone who was involved and made this experience possible!

Keeping it black

 H&M skirt, necklace/ All Stars/ Swatch watch/ Vintage blouse, top, bracelet  #teenvogue

Something more edgy this time.. Well if I've always been into tartan and blouses and black and skirts, so this might represent my current  fashion sense the best.  I'm keeping it short this time as I got to run some errands!