Sponsored Video: Save Zurich's snowmen

Zurich, the place I want to live one day. The place in Switzerland where the city is most alive, a city with amazing, creative people and not to forget stylish as well (more than where I live now at least). Not that much snow as in my town. Zurich, an insurance in Switzerland. Their new advertisment is probably one of the cutest ones I have seen lately (see above) - who'd actually think about snowmen and how to "save" them?

To me this is a very symbolic kind of video, I'm not a fan of interpretations but here it is necessary to show you what I saw in a short movie:
Hope because honestly, everybody would expect snowmans to melt, however in the end the're still there which makes it clear to me: everything is possible. There's always a way and you'll find it provided you truly want something.
Care because you have to take care after what your actions could lead to and above all, there's people around you who you need to care about. Because in the end life comes down to the people we love the most. Protect the ones who matter.
The children have a high imagery in this advertisment too.. It's about their dreams. Children are willing to dream much more and especially of things, which seem quite impossible to adults. Their fantasy is fascinating and almost unbelivable. This is something else I'd like to emphasize: Dare to dream and never be afraid of your dreams!

* This article was written in cooperation with Zurich insurance.

Perfect last minute Christmas gift

Gift guide
I know this comes rather late because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over already, however, if you're anyting like me you tend to leave the presents for the last few days in order to cause as much stress as possible. I heard people learn from mistakes but is that really so? Whatever, in case you're still on the search for some presents for the ladiesI thought I'd present you some ideas so there you go, what are you waiting for!
Picard backpack                   
                      2. Under Armour sport tights
                     3. Even & Odd sportrs bra   
4. Topshop top
                                           5. Daniel Wellington "Classic Sheffield" (don't forget to enter holiday_neverdreamed at the checkout to get 15% off!)
        6. Alexa Chung "It"
                                                     7. Dolce & Gabbana - Dolce perfume                
                                  8. Moschino ice cream Iphone case
                            9. Burger socks                         
           10. Frends headphones
                        11. Fujifilm Instax                      
                                12. Powerstation mini Iphone battery
                                                 13. Rizzy Home decorative pillow                      
                14. Choker tattoo necklace
                       15. MAC lipstick                       
Adidas ZX700
                         17. Paddywax Candle                 

A possible New Year's Eve outfit

Topshop dress/ Moschino belt/ Mart of China heels*/ Vintage clutch, bracelets

We all know that New Years Eve is just around the corner and we'll all call out 3, 2, 1.. pretty soon. As most of people have special plans for that evening, is this partying in your favourite club or just going to dinner, everybody wants to look nice and somehow speical while the begging of the new year. Personally, I start to watch out for a dress pretty early since I seem to never be happy.. and I always end up shopping my New Year's Eve dress a few days before. However, I think that I found this years, but I'll reveal that one on the 31st.

Here's one I ordered for the "possible dress to be" but it was way too big which is why I didn't keep it. But it's great, black yet so special and extraordinary. And the one I actually kept is black too.. talking about obsessions. Mine is definitely black clothes. 
Hope you like this "possible"- New Year's eve outfit or that it inspired you at least! There will be another (bigger) post about that topic next week coming up too, so if you need some ideas make sure to stop by then!

The forest

 H&M blouse, pants/ C&A scarf/ Doc Martens/ Vintage coat  #teenvogue

Last week I went to the Stromae concert which was beyond amazing (check out a little video here). Yey, another Friday (my favourite day of the week)! And only 11 days left until holidays. I. Can't. Wait.
This period of the year is always the busiest, the coldest, the most annoying, almost depressing. I hate it. And no, I'm not a girl who's much into christmas, in fact I only like the day itself or the evening before (Badnje vece in Serbian) but not the tralala around it weeks before. Am I the only one who thinks so? I like presents, but on the other hand I'm not a human being who's good at buying some because I always end up doing this the day before the 7th January (Serbian orthodox christmas). However, I'm planning some gift guides the next week so make sure to check them out in case you're still unsure what to buy your beloved ones!

This time I'm wearing a very simple outfit, a combination which I wear almost everyday (only that it consists of all black garments most of time). You must know, in school I'm the "comfortability over style" kind of girl. I go to school with oversized sweaters, a pair of jeans and some boots. Not that this couldn't look stylish, no, but I don't really mind how stylish I look there. And this is something "very-Tanja-alike".

The sporty vibe

Rosegal sweater*/ C&A jeans/ Daniel Wellington watch*/ Adidas Neo sneakers/ New Yorker cap/ Vintage coat, belt

A sporty look - something you haven't seen in a while! This outfit was actually planned to look quite different, however, I ended up adding the cap which fits perfectly to my sweater from Rosegal (Hi there basketball!).. Talking about stripes, black & white. Timeless, as you can see.
I decided to show you my new sneakers I got for the gym (only). Still not sure if I shouldn't use them everyday or for the gym.. I believe they make me look shorer than I actually am, on the other hand I've been loving the sporty kind of looks lately and these shoes add the perfect "something" to those outfits!

I'm so happy it's Friday, there's only a few hours until the weekend begins! Mine will be great as I'll be attending the Stromae concert in Zurich tonight (cannot wait), and celebrate my best friend's birthday on Saturday. Busy, busy, but we all can rest when holidays are here (less than 3 weeks to go).

Black roses

Blondedge sweater*/ Daniel Wellington watch*/ H&M skirt, hat/ Dosenbach ankle boots/ Claire's choker/ Vintage coat  #teenvogue

 Another Monday, another month.. Well, I still believe time flies way too quickly, however, I'm quite happy 2014 will come to a new end as 2015 will be a fresh start and probably open many opportunities and experiences - or let's just say that's what I hope for.
These days I have not been wearing much expect black, in fact I've been wearing nothing but black for maybe.. nearly 3 weeks? Yup, all black is my favourite. And nothing can top that, trust me. But as things over here would get boring pretty quickly with all-black-everything-outfits I have decided not to post unless I do have something to share. And I believe this might be something worth sharing. Also, I'm planning some gift guides..

Very much black in this outfit, I know but I just couldn't help it! And this amazing rose printed sweater asks for all the attention next to the hat and chocker so there's no problem, right? I have been loving crop tops and I got this one from Blondedge, a shop based in the US which actually sells vintage and Primark stuff!
On another note we all know how much I love my Daniel Wellington watch which I have for more than a year now and when I got the chance to team up with them again I got so excited! This time I picked a little gold watch with a white/ blue watch strap. To say I'm in love with it would be a huge understatement, seriously.

Oh and not to forget: In case somebody wants to order a Daniel Wellington watch here's the code with which you get 15% off the usual price! It's holiday_neverdreamed and valid thru 31/12/2014.