When the snowflakes fall

 SheIn oversized t-shirt*/ Takko skirt*/ Primark scarf, bag/ Doc Martens/ Vintage coat

Winter - my most hated season of a year. At least that's what I thought until now, I always thought about disappearing in winter and coming back in spring  - like a bear who hibernates.
This year's been different. It's been different in many ways, but what I've become aware of is the fact that, unconsciously, snow was oh so awated. As a friend who keeps coming back every single year, a friend whom you see a few times a year. A friend who says hi by sending you snowflakes whom you can dance with so easily. A friend during whos presence you snuggle into bed with a cup of hot tea and watch the daylight fade.

I've decided that that's what winter now means for me - a neverending friendship between you and me, with comebacks every year. Sorry for all the years that I didn't realize - I've probably been to young to even think of this possibility of friendship.
May you be welcome, dearest winter.

Lighting up

Fire - what a powerful element. Unrestrainable, terryfing yet so fascinating and I may even claim inviting. Especially with the darkness it seems to me as some spot of hope, a spot of power. The fire represents a little period which allows us to see clearer inside the dark sea of ignorance and helps us from drowining within this world of (fast) decisions, which may not even have been made by us in the first place but tangent our lives in some freaking way.

With all that has been happening in the world lately I believe everybody needs something to claim their hope onto - mine is carried within the possibility of the luminance of even such a little torch. Light, something that's always around us and will lead us the way to better times 24/7. 
We only need to believe, stay strong and stick together.

All my thoughts are on what happened in Paris on the 13/11, it's tragic and unbelivable and there needs to be some sort of way to prevent terrorism in order to maybe, one day, end this hate and live together in a happy place.

Photo diary: Budapest, Hungary

 Breathtaking view at the Rudas Baths in Budapest - must see if you're in the city!

 So, things have been quite hectic lately so that's why it took me so long to edit the pictures from my class trip in Budapest. But live's starting now because I've handed in my final paper!

It's been an amazing week and thinking back, I'm feeling a certain longing to go and see the city once again. First of all, the architecture is so amazing, oh my. You're basically walking around the city, watching the houses all the time. Honestly, I didn't expect that at all. It's a place with a lot of historic places to see - such as the castle district on the hill from where you see the whole city. And surrounded by the castle itself, the fishermen's bastion and church it's simply astonishing. My class and I went to a little city called Vac - romantic, small and quiet yet so beautiful. The colourful houses made me feel as if I was in a movie.
The Parliament, the Basilica, different subway entrances and the "book cafe" with it's spledid ceiling were so worth seeing. There is really a lot to see in Budapest when it comes to monuments and stuff like that. In the evenings we usually spent our time hanging around at our apartments (right next to the St. Istvan Basilica). One time we went to a outdoor pool party which was so much fun - oh and not to forget the club "Instant" which was really cool too, because there were different dance floors in one house. It was quite an experience for a Swiss, because we don't have this here.
 Plus, all the things we bought there were really cheap when it comes to Swiss standards. And the food was unbelivably good! Holy moly. I really need to get there soon again!
From all the cities I've ever been to, I highly recommend going to Budapest. Even if you don't believe that Budapest has something to offer - it's an east-european little gemstone, I promise!

Risen from the dead

The risen from the dead including her best friend Mr. skully who she spends all the time with in the other world - adorable, isn't he? The 31/11 is the night she and her friend are allowed to go out - so they get as beautiful as they can (because the're obviously dead, loving black), walk around forests and scary children in order to get their sweets, but sometimes they even go to parties and dance the night away while getting drunk because yeah, that's what dead people do on that night.
This means that the night of the dead has just begun - they are ready for the party already - and it's gonna be a long night, so they promised each other.
We'll see.

Ever since I have been blogging halloween was my favourite thing to report on the blog. It's a night where creativity flows and you're allowed to walk around however you like - if anybody needs ideas, here's the article about my last year's halloween outfit: the dead bride. This time my blogger-partner-in-crime Oliver and me have been planning on doing a halloween shoot, yet we only decided yesterday. So here we are after waking up way too early on a free Saturday - quite exhausted but extremely happy. Because pictures make me happy, you know? I found that out only today and I'll make sure to shoot series more often.
Hope you like these pictures. Spooky halloween everyone, may you have the night of your lives.

Grey freedom

Noname sweater/ Dosenbach bag, shoes*/ Primark scarf/ Vintage coat

Another Monday, another week. Another chance - so let's make the best out of it. My final thesis is finished and I couldn't be happier.
I've been at the exclusive press preview for the H&M x Balmain collection in Zurich last week which will be in stores on the 5th November and it's been amazing.. I've taken some pictures with my phone and I might upload some here as well in case you're interested in seing some clothes from the collection? Personally, my favourite piece was definitely this jacket (take a look at my insta).

This look is something I'd wear for running errands around town. This "Freedom" sweater keeps me warm all the time, it's grey, yet with a powerful word - simple but special, somehow. Freedom, something people from all around the world are fighting for. Something so, so important. 
Coming to the rest of the outfit: Shoes from the Blogger collection from Hanneli Mustaparta for Dosenbach - did you know there was such a collection? Nope, me neither. But it's amazing, I mean, look at those beauties. Same goes for the bag - and one couldn't possibly bleat about it, especially not for that price.

The colour comeback

Only leather jacket/ Zalando top/ New Look sandals/ Dosenbach bag*/ Primark earrings

 Finally, my everday life is starting again and I'm seriously feeling as if these past 3 weeks were actually 2 months. I have lived so many moments and experiences that it's hard to believe this all happened within such a short amount of time. Budapest, Bosnia, Berlin, man. Ended up with a huge amoung of pictures on my harddrive which are waiting for being edited and published.
School's starting, and I'm ironically quite looking forward to it. My thesis is almost finished and I'm having two weeks full of events and birthdays which are going to be quite interesting. Cannot wait.

This is me, trying to make an everyday look into something wearable for a night out - who said one can't do that? Pairing jeans with my new big earrings from Primark and a pair of 'em good old sandals is always a good idea. Oh and not to forget my colour-comeback: pink. Who would've thought this? But leaving this cute rose Dosenbach bag on the shelf? No - no way.