Keeping it black

 H&M skirt, necklace/ All Stars/ Swatch watch/ Vintage blouse, top, bracelet  #teenvogue

Something more edgy this time.. Well if I've always been into tartan and blouses and black and skirts, so this might represent my current  fashion sense the best.  I'm keeping it short this time as I got to run some errands!

No colours, only basics

 Takko skirt*/ FrontRowShop shirt*/ Ahaishopping clutch*/ Moschino belt/ Claire's tatoo necklace/ Vintage coat

2014 has been a crazy year in terms of fashion for me because I tried out quite some things I didn't like last year. For example, I would've never ever worn a bodycon skirt with a side slit in 2013. And as we all know, I've been partying quite some nights during the last few weeks and this could actually be a good potential combination to have in mind. Especially with a crop top - I will definitely try this out next weekend!
I actually wanted to present that tatoo necklace in a post with a pair of platforms and write "90's are back, bitches!" as the title, but well, life came across while I was trying to make plans. Every single time I wear this necklace I kinda feel so different - almost as if I was living in another year, another decade. That's why I have a special and strong connection to that piece and we ain't even talking about the multiple times I used to tell my sisters "it is so ugly" back in early 2000.. 

Nothing new - only grey and black

H&M pants, crop top, necklaces, rings, ear cuff/ Doc Martens/ Vintage leather jacket, bracelet   #teenvogue

It's not been a long time ago when I was all about skirts, spring, prints, colorful clothes,.. But we all know things tend to change, sometimes maybe a bit too fast for us to cope with, however we all know that things will turn out good in the end because every experience is another lesson learnt. And so do I - I learn from combinations I used to wear, look back at them now and think "what?". Looks I wore weeks ago - I would never put them on like that again. Ever. And lately it's been most about all black outfits, we're talking about keeping things as simple as possible. That's why it has been so silent the past few weeks, I got nothing special to show you guys, really. 

On another note, I'm going to Bosnia on Wednesday because holidays finally started!!

Photo diary from Petrovac, Montenegro

This is the last post I have to share from my vacations which I spent in Petrovac na Moru, Montenegro. When I look back at these photos I realise how many things have changed in this short period of time.. because these were taken about 2 months ago? Crazy. I wish I could escape from here a little bit more often. Because the sea and warm climate, that's where I belong to. Well, I wouldn't even mind going up the north, but we're definitely going to make that happen next year, next year when I'm finally turning 18..

You see, I'm glad that I can call out vacations again in 2 weeks!!
Oh and btw, these people you see below are my sister and my little niece.

Casual outfit for strolling thorugh the city

Nearly everything I wore was bought at vintage/ secondhand shops at some point.

First of all, I'm really sorry the quality from these pictures turned out so bad - we tried our best, though! Today's outfit is nothing special really, just a casual outfit I wore for some walking through Petrovac. Actually, I walked around like that the whole summer because honestly, what is better than a crop top and high waisted shorts?
When I look at these pictures I remember some quite funny stories I'd have to tell.. crazy night(s). Petrovac might not be a city for clubbing, it's full of Russian people (whom you can't talk to because.. well, I don't speak Russian), but the view we had from our balcony, the crystal clear water and streets which were amazing for a morning run and not to forget the calm atmosphere.. that all made it so, so beautiful. A photo diary is yet to come!

Vacations in Montegro + outfit

H&M shorts/ Dosenbach sandals/ Vintage t-shirt, overall dress

Here it is, finally: The first post from my one-week-vacation which I spent in Petrovac (na moru), Montenegro. You must know, I used to go to Igalo/ Herceg Novi every year when I was little, so I was really glad we ended up booking our apartment in another city because I got to see so many things and cities - talking about Budva or Sveti Stefan (both so beautiful). We definitely had a great time.
But before I start telling you about the city itself and it's surroundings, I'll let you soak in the pictures as it's known that they say more than a thousand words!