Full of stones

Okay, so this was my cheat-day I had during the "black March" challenge with Oliver (whom I can call one of my "photographers" now - great job he did, right?) - some new pieces from Adidas had arrived and I simply had to show you guys. Personally, I believe 2015 will be the "sports" year and 2014 was just the beginning. There's no blogger who hasn't got a pair of Stan Smiths or Superstars in their closet - classic pieces which are fashionable even after years and tend to make a comeback, thus are easy to combine.
My black month challenge was quite hard, not because I wanted to wear colours (which I.. never do) but more because I wanted to wear white and grey. Nevertheless, it's coming to and end as this is the last week. Oh and sorry for the long absence, but things have been so hectic that the blog simply had to be neglected. Some more days until holidays, yeey.

All black

 Takko biker jacket*/ H&M top/ C&A pants/ Daniel Welllington watch*/ Doc Martens

 Okay, so this is probably the first and only post I have ever published in which all the pictures are black and white. However, as the outfit was an all black look, I thought it'd perhaps look quite good as colour doesn't really have much of a significance in this case.
We shot these pictures right before school, so know you have an idea of how I usually look when I go to school. The glasses are my necessary companion, however I don't like to take pictures with them and that's why I never do. 
Me and Oliver have also started a small challenge which is called "The black month March" during which we're only allowed to wear black; this isn't much of a problem for us as we love black and we usually go like that to school. We'll see how it goes.

Looking for black

 Takko top*, skirt*, cardigan*/ Jeffrey Campbell cutout boots/ H&M hat, rings, necklace/ Vintage coat, clutch

I'm back into my black/white/grey mood when it comes to clothing and I thought a more special outfit would be very appropriate to share with you guys because lately I feel like most of the posts have consisted only of my Docs and a pair of black pants, casual but not very interesting. This might be my favourite look since a few months, I believe it shows of my style perfectly probably because it's black & white and includes my hat. 
Somehow I cannot wait for this stressful time to pass - if that's even possible - because during times like these I'm not inspired nor do I really care how I look. Anybody feels me? On the other hand, I have a few very special post-ideas in mind.. we'll see.
 Maybe some of you remember the collaboration with Takko I did last year - it's always a pleasure to work with their team from time to time as the quality of the clothing is great and so is the design. We all agree upon that, right? Always been a fan and probably always will be.

Winter wonderland

C&A pants/ H&M top, rings/ Doc Martens/ Vintage watch, coat, blouse

These pictures have definitely been around for way too long, only waiting for me to publish them. They've been shot more than a month ago, however, the snow is still the same and it's still as cold as when we shot them.
This was one of my friends' spontanious ideas, we just walked around our little town and snapped some pictures here and there. Who'd have thought they'd come out so well? And 130 pictures later these nine are the ones which I thought were worth sharing although there are so many more on my hard disc. The two girls you see below are some of my closest friends - I love them and I seriously wouldn't know what to do without them.

Things are back to normal as I came home to Switzerland last week and school started - the time in Bosnia has most definitely been way too short but let's hope that I'll be able to go there again during Easter holidays.

When in town

H&M pants/ Adidas Superstar sneakers*/ Vintage coat, backpack, blouse, scarf    #teenvogue

One has to take a break sometimes, at least that's what I keep repeating in order to feel less guilty abut being away for nearly 3 weeks.. And oh dear, how fast can time fly? Somebody explain, please.
The past few weeks have been a couple of turbulent ones, carnival and a lot of other stuff - which I'll make sure to share with you (costumes and stuff have always been my cup of tea).

I am in Bosnia (yes, again) and we took these pictures yesterday in a car park which used to be full of grafittis (and with that my fav place in the whole town), however they only left a couple ones which made me so sad when I climed up the stairs the other day. I guess things change. The outfit is nothing special really, just thought it'd be nice to share something with you guys. xx

Beanie mode on

FrontRowShop sweater*/ C&A pants/ Daniel Wellington watch*/ Vintage scarf, jacket, Louis Vuitton backpack  #teenvogue

The title says it all - so much snow, god knows where this comes from. Whoever follows me on instagram knows that I'm sick of it already, cannot wait for spring to start and the temperatures to rise.
Somehow colours have become a bit of a thing - at least at the moment, at least on the blog. Black will forever be black though, I'm just trying to make this space a bit more interesting I guess.. Lately I've been much into combining same or similar shades of one colour as you can see in the previous posts.
I'm keeping this short today as I gotta run, have a nice weekend guys!