Spring is here!

Esprit leather jacket/ H&M pants, necklace/ Sketchers sneakers/ Ray Ban glasses/ Vintage blouse

So, I was spending a few days at my sister's and she came up with the idea to go out and shoot.. and as I thought about the location I knew this was going to be the perfect place. I might not be looking very stylish, but to be honest that's the way I usually walk around plus I was the one to take pictures so I had to wear something comfy. The model was (drumrooooll) my 1 year old niece. And oh my did the pictures turn out great! She's so cute and I definitely have to show you some of the results. Get prepared to see a cute babygirl soon on the blog!

News: A cool giveaway will be up shortly so make sure to stop by on Monday!

Talking about perfumes: Bulgari Omnia Indian Garnet

Bulgari Omnia Indian Garnet*

What do you guys think about when hearing India? I personally think of the crowded streets, big cities, colorful dresses, many different scents (especially spices), passion, elections that hare happening right now, people who appreciate every single day... you name it. India has such a different culture than we Europeans. I could go on with a much bigger list but let me get back to something I listened before: scents. 

A few of you might've already seen in stores what I'm talking about because Bulgari has been presenting the new scent not too long ago: Omnia Indian Garnet. They wanted to create a perfume which is full of energy yet so feminin and sensual. A fragrance which literally calls out "India!" right after you put it on your skin - made of mandarin, indian tuberose and amber wood. It's seriously too bad internet can't send the scent to your laptop, I'd love you to smell.. You know what I'm going to say: head out to the city and make an impression on your own! Truly hope this perfume will make you feel more elegant and sophisticated, at least that's what it does to me!

See there article about my Bulgari Omnia Crystalline perfume here!

Black and quilted

H&M shirt, necklace, earcuff, rings/ New Yorker skirt/ All Stars/ Daniel Wellington watch*/ Vintage Mulberry bag   #teenvogue
A bit of an unusual skirt because we both know I only own skater skirts and no bodycon ones (which I hate, btw). Ups, seems like I found a perfect quilted grey one the other day inlcuding a nice cutout and price (2$) - what's there to ask for more? Plus it's the first one which looks kinda good on me (yes I sad it).  However it might be, it's probably because I love so many pieces from this outfit that it'd be only insulting if I actually said the skirt isn't nice? A chiffon shirt and All Stars, gold details and you're ready to go. And don't forget the earcuff on one ear which makes you look total badass somehow and seems to be making a comeback from 2012. 

I'm off planning some future posts and projects (such as seen here, with a yummy milkshake and my new nikies), running my 4 kilometres, packing and enjoying the sun while I can!

grungy spring outfit

Front Row Shop skirt*, top*/ Jeffrey Campbell cutout boots/ H&M rings/ Vintage bag    #teenvogue

Spring has definitely sprung.. and I'll be in my wonderful homecountry Bosnia in less than a week! Doesn't summer-vibe make us all feel a lot more happier? Saturday was by far one of the best nights ever - I guess going to sleep at nearly 6am and painfull feet are definitely a sign it's been amazing. Oh and not to forget the waking-up-process only 4 hours later. Damn, I definitely wasn't prepared for that.
Okay, so I know this wonderful neoprene-a-like skirt from Frontrowshop makes me look at lot "bigger" if I may say so, but I swear, I've been going for a run 3 times a week (guys it's amazing, if you haven't tried yet do it asap!).

News: After a lot of thinking I have decided to delete my blog facebook page. I'd really appreciate if all of you could follow me on bloglovin, instagram or twitter from now on!

Rich Fashion Advisory

Choies sweater/ H&M pants, necklaces, knuckle rings/ Deichmann creepers/ Vintage denim jacket   #teenvogue

I don't know about you but I feel like my style has been a rollercoaster lately - just take a look at the few latest posts and you'll know what I mean. Although I have to admit that I'm kind of happy about it, that way you can always read something unexepected over here!
What might surprise some of you is that I've always been a big lover of CDs, years ago I was crazy about buying all CD's from several artists (Rihanna & Beyonce being some of them). Now I'm more picky, but I still want to get some in the coming next weeks (talking about Stromae, Lorde and Left Boy). Coming from this, I wasn't surprised when the "Parental Advisory - Explicit Content" made an appear on the S/S 2014 Alexander Wang collection because honestly, it's genius. And I freaking love it. If I were a millionaire or at least someone who had a decent job, I'd definitely get the original white sweater myself. However, I end up being the student (and that for more than 6 years, ugh) who doesn't have the money (or any at all I guess). But I was truly relieved when I found a fake on Choies, I got it and it's amazing. I'd love to hear what you think about it guys!

3 years of neverdreamedaboutthis (blog anniversary)!

Hello guys! It's crazy but so true: My blog is turning 3 years old today, and oh my, time for sure flies so quickly. Looking back at my retroperspective post last year I can definitely see the development and I seriously hope it will continue. 3 years sounds so long but I have to say that I started looking at my blog as some sort of business (not even) only one year ago - I guess you can't tell a 13 year old how to write a 'good blog post' and take 'nice pictures' until she learns it herself, right? Although I can't realize it's been such a long time yet.. sure, a lot of things happened, changed, but still, I feel like it's been yesterday really.I've plannend many things for this year so I hope I will accompolish at least some of my targets! 
But for now, I leave you with these pictures I shot during last year and thank you from the bottom of my heart - because without you - neither this blog nor I would be the way we are today! THANKS!