Striped royal blue

Ahaishopping blouse*/ FrontRowShop skirt*/ Rosegal necklace*/ Snapmade custom bag*/ Dosenbach ankle boots/ Vintage coat  #teenvogue

Well you guys must be as shocked and suprised as I am of myself, trust me when I say that.. Colours! Yes, that's truly what you see - blue, royal blue to be precise. When I combined this look I basically just threw pieces together and look what I came up with, the most colorful outfit I have probably worn since a year or so. How frightening, really. Back to the roots, to the Tanja-style-in-2013 or something like that. Maybe.
The coat I got from a friends' mother who actually wanted to throw it away and I was quite honestly screaming "no, give it to me". Although the shoulder pads are a bit too wide for my silhouette. But I'm gonna fix that, somehow.

Oh and look at my clouds-printed clutch (which is actually a cosmetic bag) I got from Snapmade the other day! Isn't it too cute, a real eyecatcher? It's quite small though, but somehow I manage to fit in all the stuff I need for a night out. And it's great, I'm a lover of printed pieces but I guess you figured that out by yourself by now.

The new generation

Sheinside*/ C&A pants/ H&M rings, ear cuff/ Dosenbach creepers/ Vintage leather jacket, belt  #teenvogue

Not that simple, not that black as usual. One of my favourite sweaters and I'm asking myself why the hell I'm not wearing this more because it's so unique. I must admit I felt quite badass while wearing this look but looking back at it now I'm asking myself why, probably because of the rings, ear cuff, creepers, leather jacket and hairdo. Ups, quite some reasons I guess and I'm not even mentioning the stares I got.
The hairdo is inspired by a good friend, Oliver to be precise who is my blogger-partner-in-crime and helps me survive every day. I'll make sure to feature his blog in a separate post over here because he really deserves it.

This semester is just about to end and there are a few weeks to go until the holdays begin. I'm basically counting down the hours until I get to go to Bosnia again hopefully.

My New Year's eve outfit // All black

Topshop dress/ Doc Martens/ H&M necklace, rings/ Vintage coat   #teenvogue

I already promised I'd show you the outfit I wore for New Year's eve - it's kinda late but better than never, right? I knew I wanted an all black look, preferably a dress and although I'm not the bodycon type of girl I believe I kinda pulled it off pretty good.. I actually wanted to wear heels but the ground was so icy I would've probably broken all my bones, not talking about the -22°C during the night. Never without 'em Docs. They came in pretty handy and made the whole outfit look a lot more edgy. The right decision guys, I'm telling ya, much less pain than in heels. Danced like there was no tomorrow. 2015, I'm ready for the "all-black(est)-n'-edgiest-year-ever".

Snow hit us way too hard yesterday and I seriously cannot remember the last time I froze my a*s of while taking pictures.. Currently I'm planning the vacations for this year and I'm thinking about going to France for 2 weeks during my summer break in order to improve my (bad) French. What do you guys think? In case anybody has any suggestions or advice where to go, please leave a comment below!

Merry Christmas // Христос се роди!

As some of you might know I'm celebrating Christmas on the 7th January because I'm Serbian orthodox and we have a different calender than other Christians.. So, apart from going to school in the morning I'm eating way too much, spending time with my family, will be going to the gym afterwords and study for an exam. Probably not the way you people celebrate or imagine how we celebrate. The saddest thing is that I've never been to Bosnia during Christmas and as soon as I'm done with school I'm gonna do that because I can only imagine how beautiful it must be! So, to everybody else celebrating today's day: Merry Christmas!

Хтјела сам да свим православцима пожелим сретан Божић.
Нека ти христово рођење донесе: љубав - које данас мало има, срећу - која је увијек некако далеко кад нам је потребна, наду - коју често губимо, здравље - које кад имамо не чувамо, пријатељцтво - које је данас баш ријетко, успјех - који нам живот не гарантује.
Мир Божији, Христос се роди!

Update // Happy New Year!

Salsa jeans*/ C&A jacket, sweater/ Doc Martens    #teenvogue

First of all: Happy New Year, guys! I wish you all the best, may the luck be with you during this year.
It's no secret that 2014 has definitely not been my year, in fact I don't believe there has been any year which was worse. However, as I always try to stay positive I believe 2015 will be the year, at least I hope. And yes, I'm the kind of resolutions-girl - I have a paper above my desk with wanted accomplishments during one year which I score out once completed and I have been doing that for years now. It's amazing because you're reminded every single day that you have to work hard, have fun in life, enjoy it and eventually become a better person.
The time I spent in Bosnia has never been that relaxing, I've been able to forget all the things and just hang out with my best friends. Poor but rich on memories, that's what a friend said to me. And he was so, so right - I'll probably remember this past week a lifetime. It would be an understatement to say that I love going to Bosnia.

There will be some new and exciting things happening in 2015, my 18th birthday, some travelling, the blog will change and above all I will start my last year at high school. Oh yes, this is going to be it and I'm so ready.

Свима који на сутрадашњи дан славе Бозић хтјела бих да пожелим сретно Бадње Вече, да га славите још много година у срећи и весељу са вољеним особама!

My 10 best party outfits // What to wear for New Year's eve?

The beginning of anything new means the end to something else; talking about the new year this means the last evening in the old one, the New Year's eve. Everybody's celebrating with their loved ones, be that in a club, home or somewhere else. Something that might occur basically everyone is the question: What to wear for this special night?

I have taken a look at my archives (which I highly recommend to any blogger) and I picked the 10 prettiest party outfits I ever posted. What I was surprised of was that there were actually some colorful dresses featured there too - I expected it only/mainly to be black. I will be wearing all black (what else) although the snow hit us so hard last night I don't even know if it's a plan. We'll see.

In case one has the interest in knowing what I wore in each outfit, click on the links below: